Best Sport Tips besides Yoga

Maintaining good health through sporting activities is very crucial. As you grow older, your body recovers slower and becomes weaker as compared to your younger years. Check this out for the best sporting activities you can find which are available in the country.

Best tips for Swimming, Cycling, Running and Yoga

This is where you will find a complete resource of sports like swimming, cycling, running and yoga, among others. You will find a lot of tips and advice on all the sports available. Whether it is the best methods to start swimming or the gear needed for cycling, you will find it here.

Besides that, there are information about where you can go for a run and the marathons available around Malaysia. In terms of yoga, you can browse through the various categories of yoga types like Hatha and Bikram, among others. Here, you will find a list of contacts and information related to the yoga centres available across Malaysia.

Health Improvement with Yoga

We have provided here at an online community where you will be able to share information and resources of yoga in Malaysia. We have provided here all the essential information about yoga and how it had gained popularity and momentum over the past couple of years. This is mainly due to the fact that Yoga had, over the past few years been proven to improve health and the well-being of people. One thing for sure, if you practice yoga, you will be well aware and well informed about the benefits of Yoga in a long run.

We are constantly updated is Malaysia’s first and only Yoga portal. provides you with the most comprehensive and complete resource about yoga and its practices in Malaysia. is where you will be able to be part of the yoga practitioners’ community in Malaysia. At, we are committed to provide you with all the information ranging from places offering yoga classes to the types of yoga available. On top of that, you will be able to find out about all you need to know about this ancient practice of health and well-being.

Yoga in today’s world

In today’s society, Yoga which is naturally an ancient healthy practice is not perceived as primitive or old fashioned. In fact, it is widely accepted as one of the lifestyle fitness and health related practice adopted not only by common people but also widely promoted by celebrities and famous people from all over the world.

People are going for Yoga classes the same way others are visiting the gymnasium where they go in style and is seen as chic. There are attires which are specially made and designed by international brands meant only for yoga which tells you how people see this practice. Hence, yoga in today’s world is regarded more like a lifestyle element instead of just exercise.

Malaysia’s Best Yoga Community

As members of Community you will be able to enjoy all the information and resources which will help you improve your practice of this healthy exercise. To become a member at Yoga Community, you only need to register an account with us. Once you have done that, we will then send you an email where you are required to authenticate. When your email has been verified, you can then start join the various groups and communities here.

We review the best Yoga clubs in Malaysia

Being a member of the communities means that you will be able to receive first hand information about the latest yoga developments and its progress happening around the world as well as in Malaysia. From there you will then be able to discover better practices which will help you improve your exercise. Apart from that, you will also be able to share ideas with other members about the best practices as adopted by other members in around Malaysia.

One of the best natural therapies

Yoga, a form of physical exercise widely practiced since centuries ago is an alternative therapy to achieve good health. In Malaysia, yoga received encouraging responses since it was brought into the country. Thus, Master Manisekaran founded Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) in 2004 to increase awareness and strengthen understanding of yoga as a holistic development among citizens. This mental and physical health oriented humanitarian society was formed to promote charitable activities for underprivileged children and also other events.

What you must know about Yoga in Malaysia

Argument about Yoga for Muslims

Even though yoga is perceived as an extremely healthy form of exercise since it was practiced centuries ago, in 2008, Malaysia’s top Islamic body prohibits Muslims from practicing yoga. Many argued and commented that the regulation is illogical. According to the conservative Islamic body, yoga incorporated several aspects of Hinduism in Indian exercise that can eventually poison the minds of those practicing it.

Related to Hinduism

National Fatwa Council Chiarman, Abdul Shukor Husin said that Muslim practitioners failed to understand that the real purpose of practicing yoga is to be one with god of a different religion. And in this context, the god referred to Hinduism. This statement in fact contradicts with yoga practitioners as they said you need not have a religious element to join yoga classes.

Argument about Yoga for Muslims

He added that yoga originates from Hinduism contains several aspects namely physical exercise and worshipping in order to seek and achieve inner peace within oneself that leads one to be with god.

Marina Mahathir’s point of view

Such illogical restriction generated various positive and negative responses from the society. When Marina Mahathir (a prominent activist in Malaysia) heard the news, she expressed some of her concerns – since the council ban yoga, what next? The body can simply make up other decisions in the future without considering the consequences.

Yoga not against Allah

The conservative Islam in multiethnic Malaysia also imposed several other moves – non-Muslims are not allowed to use the word ‘Allah’ as it will confuse others. But such serious move to ban Muslims from practicing yoga has triggered those who are currently attending yoga classes.

Yoga is practiced and accepted globlally

A Muslim yoga practitioner was angry as she said the statement is an insult to her belief. Yoga is widely practiced globally as in recent years, more gym introduces it as part of physical exercises that helps to provide an integrating mind, spirit and body.

Pointless decisions by Fatwa

There are no real figures pointing the exact number of Muslims practicing yoga in the country. But all in all, whatever decision made by National Fatwa Council, they should consult other parties before imposing such illogical decision on the people.

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