Restorative Yoga

As the name implies, Restorative Yoga is meant to restore. It is as simple as that. This type of Yoga practice is very slow. When you practice Restorative Yoga, it gives your body the time and space to achieve deeper relaxation as it can explore further into the parasympathetic nervous system.

Restorative Yoga is known to involve several types of items like yoga blocks and blankets so that the practice becomes easier. In fact, those who have practiced restorative yoga has been known to benefit from chronic stress relieve. This is because as mentioned, it helps to achieve a deeper relaxation feeling as compared to other types of yoga.

All about Spine Health

When you practice restoration yoga, what you get to do is to move your spine in different directions via the movements. This includes backbends and forward bends, all designed to emulate the old yoga practice used to improve your spine health. Apart from that, it can stimulate and soothe the organs when you force certain fluids out of hidden areas.

In another form, restorative yoga involves using an inverted pose. This will help your body to go against the effects of gravity and is usually done with a prop like a pillow. The idea behind this is to give your body a different flow because of the change in the relationship of gravity and your body. You will be standing or seated in a particular position for long duration of the day. When this is inverted, your body gets to enjoy fluids back to the upper body.