Top Yoga Styles

Raja yoga, the Kingly yoga

Raja yoga refers to directing an individual’s life together to balance the mind and emotions in order to organize and ensure that an individual can emphasize on the object of meditation. Raja here simply means ‘kingly’ or ‘royal’. It requires an instructor as an individual can easily strain himself or herself during the practice.

The health benefits of Sivananda Yoga

Another form of hatha yoga, Sivananda helps an individual to retain vitality of the body besides minimizing the chance of contracting a disease. Sivananda yoga incorporates a series of 12 different postures that includes breathing exercises and techniques, relaxation, mantra chanting and also sun salutation. The core principle of Sivananda yoga is to emphasize on these five elements – relaxation, balance diet, proper breathing, and exercise as well as to instill positive thinking.

Svaroopa Yoga was made famous in America

Svaroopa yoga is best known as one of the primary styles practiced widely in America. Svaroopa yoga is often regarded as one of the most powerful styles in yoga for healing purposes, and to open up inner levels of inspirational experience. It is best known as a compassionate approach for body, emotions and spiritual mind.

The complexity of Tantra Yoga

So far, Tantra is branded as the most complex branch of yoga. Tantra yoga is sometimes referred to as spiritual sex. In fact, this is one of the major confusion as Tantra practices only strict discipline that includes detailed and meticulous visualization of deities.

Learn how to synchronize breathing with Viniyoga

Viniyoga incorporates a series of sequential process. When practicing Viniyoga, one needs to judge their own ability and practice it within limits according to one’s needs and capacity. The most important aspect in Viniyoga is to synchronize breathing with postural movements.

Vinyasa is synchronizing breathing and movements

Vinyasa simply means breathing system. Similar to viniyoga, practitioners need to synchronize breathing and movements. When practitioners synchronize breathing with movements, one can easily create a smooth flow of energy to heat up the body. Subsequently, it helps to regulate oxygen in the body and purify the nervous system.

The power of healing with Yoga Therapy

Other yoga styles usually are for healing purposes and health benefits. However, yoga therapy is slightly different as it helps to ease natural process especially menopause and pregnancy. It incorporates asanas (physical postural movements), pranayama (breathing techniques and exercise), meditation and also guided imagery. Bear in mind that balance diet is also considered as part of yoga therapy.

Release tension with Yin Yoga

Yin yoga requires practitioners to stretch and energize connective tissues in the body. By practicing Yin yoga, one can improve flexibility, ease their mind as well as acquire balance. In fact, Yin yoga helps to recuperate from injury and trauma. The main purpose of practicing Yin yoga is to release stress and tension.

Zen Yoga is the Tai Chi version of Yoga

Zen yoga postural movements incorporate asanas (physical movements) and traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It combines gentle and flowing movements of Tai chi.